10 things you didn't know about termites

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10 things you didn't know about termites

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Ants are generally considered one of the smartest insects present, which may differ between them in their types and characteristics, but they are all very intelligent, highly organized, and the family often has damage if your house is stormed or settled in some way.

or what is called the earth, is a type of ants that differs in its anatomy from the body from the rest of the ants, and it is the greenest type of ants at all because it completely destroys your home furnishings and the foundations of buildings and wood;

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Termites are a small monster that you should beware and fight seriously so that you do not end up bearing the disastrous consequences of destroying your house and your foundations, but you must first know your enemy in order to be able to fight him. Here are 10 things you did not know about termites:

Termites have a wonderful filtering structure, where their stomach connects to its head together. You cannot separate them or distinguish between them, unlike other types of ants.
Termites feed on cellulose, and this substance is especially found in woods, buildings, fabrics, and cardboard, so when termites bring your home, it feeds on furniture, carpets, furnishings, woods, and even the walls of your house!

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It may not be from observing termites at first because it usually hides itself well, but you can learn about its presence through other paths such as constantly monitoring the condition of the furniture in your home and monitoring the walls and their condition well and when any demolition offer or signs of demolition and fragmentation or note appear The presence of punctures There is no doubt that there are termites inside your home.

Termites live in very organized colonies that consist of a queen that lays about 6 eggs within one minute. There are soldiers needed to protect the colony, as well as colony members from servants, and they work to serve the colony and provide food for the use of its members.

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There are types of termites
including ants that inhabit the soil and the ground, and ants inside the woods. It should be determined which type of termites occupies your home for those in handling the matter.
Termites may be completely demolishing your home or facility within 5 years - demolishing upside down!
Termites feeding on cellulose you can make a trap from time to time by following its paths first through the condition of your furniture and discovering the location of the demolition and then placing two pieces of cardboard after moistening them with water so the ants are attracted to the cardboard to feed on it; We wait for it to collect massively, then burn the paper and destroy it. You can repeat this method !!

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Termites are the enemy of light
as they always live in darkness so you can expose your furniture and home furnishings from sunlight from time to time to guard against termites.
Plants and their remains are among the most attractive elements to termites, so it is possible to be overly present in your garden, so be sure to take the necessary precautions for that.

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Use an effective insecticide to protect you from termites and kill them after destroying their nervous system; There are a lot of effective pesticides consisting of acids and chemicals, so you should seek the help of specialists to get the best results safely and healthily....