the correct way to load the furniture transport truck

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the correct way to load the furniture transport truck

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Loading the furniture transport truck and managing its internal space efficiently, needs a mix of math, science, and art, to ensure effective use of the truck’s space, maximizing it, distributing the weight evenly, employing the appropriate tools for loading and preventing property damage, if you do not have sufficient experience to do the job Through this article, you can get step-by-step guide to packing and loading the furniture transport truck.

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After preparing the transport truck, in terms of comprehensive cleaning and covering its floor using furniture packaging blankets or thick carton spaces to absorb the shocks that may result from movement, the following rules are followed for loading the transport trucks that professional furniture transport companies operate.

1- Load the truck in the correct direction

The furniture transport truck is loaded in well-planned layers as follows:

Side by side (left to right or right to left).
Vertically from bottom to top.
From front to back.
2- Distribute the weight evenly

The decisive factor for ensuring the stability of the transport vehicle when moving and providing safety factors for the furniture inside is the loading of furniture of equal weight as follows:

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Load the heaviest contents of the furniture in the front behind the cab, and in a line perpendicular to it horizontally, along the middle of the truck. This applies to washers, dryers or refrigerators, stoves and boxes containing solid materials.
Placing heavier furniture near the center of the truck contributes to a more balanced distribution of weight and reduces weight from the rear axle, which can cause mishandling and possible damage to the drive and suspension systems.

Weights on both sides of the truck are tied to counteract misalignment in sharp turns, and long elements and flat panels such as mattresses, mirrors, and table tops are usually placed longitudinally to the right and left of the truck.
Loading foundation boxes in vertical rows, so that the heaviest boxes, which contain solid materials at the base, are gradually softened as we head up, until we have the necessary stability of the elements, where the tops of the rows of boxes are dedicated to loading light materials such as sofa cushions and toys.

At the back of the truck, we load any loose items such as bicycles, fitness equipment, patio chairs, and barbecue equipment.

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3- Maintaining the stability of the furniture inside the truck

On top of the wooden bases (pallets) the electrical devices are installed and well connected to the truck, in anticipation of the possibility of it being moved by movement.
In the last section of the truck, a mattress, or flat cardboard strips, is used to create a barrier that prevents things from falling on the door during transportation.
Use tapes and ropes to secure tall furniture on the wall of a truck.
Do not leave a space between the furniture tops and boxes and between the roof of the truck, so that there is no chance of the furniture crashing into the truck when walking, so it is best to fill in these blanks with fiber pads or blanket bags.

How to choose the best size for a moving car furniture
From minivans to 26-foot trucks, most furniture movers offer a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.
Avoid choosing a very small truck for the amount of cargo you intend to transport, although renting a smaller truck may be cheaper, in the end, it will cost you more time and money, as you may have to move furniture through multiple trips back and forth.
While choosing a truck may cost you more than necessary compared to the size of your furniture, paying for greater material without benefit, in addition to the damage that may be caused to the furniture due to the large space inside the truck.
In general, the appropriate size for a furniture transport vehicle is chosen according to the number of bedrooms, and it is the simplest and easiest way to determine the size of the truck that suits your furniture, as the companies transporting furniture are classified in this way as follows:
10-foot van: Enough to transport the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment.

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15ft truck: transports furniture of a house of two bedrooms or less.

20ft truck: transports two-bedroom to three-bedroom house furniture.

26-foot van: transports the furniture of a four-bedroom house +

The best way to take advantage of the furniture transport truck space

And if the truck size has been chosen to fit the size of the furniture completely, then all the available space inside the truck should be used to fill your things, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling, and the following tips can help you in this:

Mix the small items with the large items to fill the spaces, as the boxes can be inserted beneath and above the dining chairs and tables.
The sofa is loaded horizontally parallel to one side of the truck, and over the sofa the seats are loaded upside down up to appropriately overlap.

How to secure and protect furniture during transportation
To protect mirrors and flat glass and avoid breaking them, they are covered with blankets or towels, and mattresses can be placed between wood panels, table tops and long mirrors to separate them from other furniture to help protect them.
For open trucks, it is necessary to cover the items with a dedicated thick plastic cover, to protect them from damage due to sunlight, rain and dust.
Place furniture protection pads between heavy items to prevent them from colliding with one another.
To help prevent odors in the truck trunk, consider using moisture absorbers, especially when moving furniture over long distances.
Beneath the tables are boxes that contain brittle materials, and the sharp metal materials are separated from the upholstered furniture so as not to tear it apart.

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3 important tools for loading a furniture transport truck
1- Cargo transport cart

Also known as a wheelbarrow, it is a flat base with two wheels, a straight back and two handles.
It is a great way to move a number of furniture boxes at once, regardless of their size, as you simply need to load the heaviest boxes at the bottom and move up with lighter boxes, after that, just tilt the back and push it or pull it to the furniture transport car or to Your home.
This increases the efficiency of your movement and saves your back and legs from accidental injury.
2- Manual carts for transporting heavy devices

They are usually 4-wheelers with their handle height on one side, some of which are designed to move heavy equipment across the stairs.
You can easily put heavy or bulky items such as a washing machine or refrigerator on to move them more easily.
3- Truck loading ramp
The metal ramp for truck loading provides tremendous assistance in carrying crates and furniture from the floor directly to the truck trunk, without requiring much effort to lift the elements, because the ramp simply allows walking up to the truck.

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Re: the correct way to load the furniture transport truck

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Also known as a wheelbarrow, it is a flat base with two wheels, a straight back and two handles :D